Wednesday, May 20, 2015


‘I have loved you. I did my best.’

Try to see how those words can change everything. Watch how his face deteriorated, his brows interlocked with one another, his lips trembled, his eyes darted from your eyes to your lips and to your eyes, he himself shrugged wallowed in tears, he mouthed ‘no please please no.’ He fall back and slumped on to the hard wooden chair, putting his bony hands over his head, shaking his head to the right left right left. His tears shed from those short scrawly eyelashes to his tear-stained cheeks, to his trembling lips and fall on to his lap. He looked at you, begged for a reason, wanted an explanation, long for your tenderness, your warmth. But you knew that he knew. Both of you knew as you fall on to your knees facing him. He reached for your cheek and so do you, for his hand. You cried, he cried. With muffled sobs and heavy tears, weeping mutely and holding each other. It was a long, long night. ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’ You whispered again and again and with despair he shook his head repeating the same word again and again. He lost energy in his arms as he pulled away and pressed his forehead against yours, to be closer, together, at least, for the last time. As you whispered those sharp words that pierced his fragile icy heart, 'I have loved you. I did my best.'

Inspired from the movie with a great cast; Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones,
The Theory of Everything. x

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