Tuesday, May 19, 2015


As I was chatting with my friends few days ago, I got a message from an unknown number.

'Biasalah tu. Kadang kadang hormon tak tentu.'

My reply was,
      'Ni siapa? Salah number eh?'

'Taklah. Ni answer for your question. Mengapa semua emo?'

"Mengapa semua emo?" was my whatsapp status. And so, being sensible I replied,
'Ni siapa?'


'Hairil mana?'
Considering I never know any Hairil in my life yet.

'Awak tak kenal saya pun. Takpe.'

'Then mana tahu number ni?'

'Adelah *insert smiley face*'

'Then do you know who I am?'

'Em tak kenal. Boleh tau nama awak?'

'Em nope.'
How ridiculous! How come you don't know me not even my name but you know my number?!

'Pleaseee *insert smiley faces*'

Dia ingat aku melawak suka layan dia. This dude was blowing my fuse with his obnoxious reply. So I get serious and strict about it.
'Mana dapat number ni? Pernah nampak muka saya?'

'Muka awak ada kat whatsapp icon ni kan.'

Dia melawak lagi. Time ni nak termencarut dah.
'Mana dapat number ni? Soalan senang kan?'

'Tak payah tahu lah eh? *insert bazillion smiley faces*'

I was angry. So I replied 'Ok.' and ignored him for his questions asking my name.

I am not mean. I am defending myself. I am too much? Maybe but for me drastic times call for drastic measures. 
That evening, I went to my driving class and as I was sitting in the office waiting for my instructor, there were stares. 
Call me narcissistic but if you're the only female in there apa jadahnya tak nampak kan? There's a dude on the counter checking the forms, another man was sitting 3 chairs away waiting for his student, I guess and there was another one standing in front of me staring at me like I'm the salad for his carnivorous appetite. The whole time I was waiting, he looked again and again and again smirking looking up down up down and tried to initiate a conversation which I totally try to rebuff by looking away and knitting my brows. I am not sorry for being rude because I know I'm not rude with strangers as I usually smile to them but not with those creepy ones that stares at me which lead us to Exhibit A; this guy. Ala benda normal lah itu pun nak over react, drama je. 
This man is an instructor who is working there and guessing from his face, he was much older 30 something maybe? 
I was sweating, shaking, afraid of what this dude is thinking or might do and kau nak cakap aku over?  Maybe it's because of my anxiety but guys, please please don't stare at any females like you might take her virginity because it's damn scary with your stares and your creepy smirks. So back to my main point, I got this unknown messages that night, the same day. Of course I was thinking that maybe my number was taken from my form from the driving centre because I didn't go anywhere else besides the centre. 
I am not pointing fingers to anyone but I really hope that it did not happen. Maybe the dude who whatsapp me just want to know my name or want to test his psychic skills or some sorts but the question still lingers in the air, where the heck did he get my number when I obviously did not give it to him as I do not know him? Korang, tak baik tau jual number orang. So don't asked me why I changed or why I'm being mean or rude or when did I become so anti social and trust me, this was one of the reasons why. 
Kau nak cakap aku jual mahal? 

Hanis Zalikha quotes, 'benda mahal mestilah kena jual mahal takkan tak belajar business?' Hmph.

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